Declaration of Faith and Beliefs


"Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe (do) all things whatsoever I (Jesus Christ) have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. 2 Corinthians 7:1 ... dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God."


I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India.

Declaration of Faith and Beliefs

Jesus Christ has built his Church with such people that should be saved. He told his disciples to teach his commandments to Churches for them to obey. But most churches do not follow his doctrine. They declare their own faith and beliefs to show their doctrine. As a pastor, I also have to declare my doctrine. "Faith and Beliefs" differ from church to church. Theologians write doctrines. Doctrines are not biblical truth, but they appear to have come from scripture. Doctrines serve religion, but not God. Doctrines deceive people. My faith and beliefs are scripture truth and they do not contradict Bible. If you find any of my declaration contradict scripture, write it to me (mail box below) and, if I have contradicted scripture (bible kjv), I will stand corrected. But, if they are scriptural, then you should have no problem to adopt them as your own. I give scripture references and explanation for every one of my beliefs, at the links in the 'Lessons'. Thank you.

We declare these Scripture Truth as our Faith and Beliefs Explanation

God has fully inspired the Old and the New Testament Scriptures. But modern versions are man made.

> Lesson 1

The three Persons "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" exist in one Omni-Power Spirit, who is Eternal God.

> Lesson 2
3 Holy Ghost is God Person. Holy Spirit is gift of God. If God seals holy Spirit in us, we are born again. > Lesson 3
4 God declared Jesus Christ as begotten Son when he raised him from death, but not when he was born. > Lesson 4
5 Jesus Christ had unique body after resurrection and ascension. As God, his body is Omnipotent Spirit. > Lesson 5
6 God made our souls exactly as his Souls, our spirits to resemble his Spirit, and our bodies from dust. > Lesson 6

Adam and Eve sinned, their spirit died, death passed upon all. Be born again to receive the Spirit back.

> Lesson 7
8 Jesus tells to repent and sin no more. If we do, his blood will cleanse past sins and all unrighteousness. > Lesson 8
9 God created a body in Virgin Mary's womb. Soul of 'the Word' left God's Body and entered this body. > Lesson 9

Jesus Christ was God from beginning, ceased to be God, became man in sinful flesh, lived without sin.

> Lesson 10
11 Apostles 'Preached Jesus' and 'Preached Gospel'. Belief about Jesus won't save, obeying the gospel will. > Lesson 11

'Preach the gospel' of Jesus Christ is 'to teach his commandments to observe'. Gospel must be obeyed.

> Lesson 12
13 Apostles taught the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Every doctrine of churches are of theologians and Satan. > Lesson 13
14 Jesus Christ died for all, became the author of eternal salvation, but he saves only those who obey him. > Lesson 14
15 We all have atonement by Jesus, but we cannot heal. We must let Christ reign over us, for him to save. > Lesson 15
16 Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead. Now he is God with power in heaven and earth. > Lesson 16

God the Word became Man in sinful flesh, did not sin, calls us to sin no more and to follow his steps.

> Lesson 17
18 Born of the Spirit, Born of the Word, and Born of God, are different levels in the Born Again process. > Lesson 18

Baptized and filled with Holy Ghost is ordination with power and gifts. It is not needed for eternal life.

> Lesson 19
20 Baptism is with speak in tongues, but tongues is not an evidence. Gifts are given even to the rebellious. > Lesson 20
21 Need holy Spirit for Eternal Life. God seals holy Spirit in us as gift. Don't grieve or quench the Spirit. > Lesson 21
22 Water Baptism in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; is required for Salvation. > Lesson 22

Water Baptism is to join Christ. Breaking of bread is to remember and show his death and resurrection.

> Lesson 23
24 Lord's Supper, washing the feet of saints, and communion (breaking of bread) are three observances. > Lesson 24
25 Jesus gives apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, to perfect Saints to the fullness of Christ. > Lesson 25

If Faith and Hope is in God and in what God said, it is Faith. Faith in what he didn't say, it is not Faith.

> Lesson 26
27 New Birth, Justification, Regeneration, Sanctification, such, are real, and must be verifiable in our Life. > Lesson 27
28 God created us in his own image, so he requires us to be holy and righteous as he is, for us to see God. > Lesson 28

We shall neither add to, nor diminish, the word of God. If we do, God will remove us from eternal life.

> Lesson 29
30 The 'Will of God' is to deliver us from the evil world, fornication, sins, and sanctify us to be blameless. > Lesson 30

Jesus Christ is our High Priest, Mediator, Advocate and Intercessor, while we live; but not at Judgment.

> Lesson 31

'Second Comings' of Jesus Christ are: 1 For Ministry, 2 Rapture, 3 Reign Millennium, 4 End the world.

> Lesson 32
33 If you hear his voice today, harden not your heart. It is 'Second Coming'. Jesus is turning us from sins. > Lesson 33
34 At Pre-Millennial 'Second Coming', Jesus will raise 'the dead in him' and catch away 'the living in him'. > Lesson 34
35 'Second Coming' after tribulation will be with his Saints to reign in the Promised Land. It is Millennium. > Lesson 35
36 At the last 'Second Coming', Jesus will set the Solar System on fire, make new earth and new heavens. > Lesson 36
37 We all will appear before Jesus Christ to receive reward according to what we have done, good or bad. > Lesson 37
38 Cast the wicked not to liberation or annihilation, but to hell fire, which was made for Satan and devils. > Lesson 38
39 Now being made free from sin, become servants to God, fruit unto holiness, the end is everlasting life. > Lesson 39
40 Four Groups will be granted Status in Heaven. They are God's Children, Servants, Sons, and the Bride. > Lesson 40

God Bless You

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