The Lord God created all, Became Flesh Man Jesus, and Now he is Almighty God in Spirit.

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God is a Spirit and the Spirit is omnipotent, nothing is impossible to him, and with his power he has created invisible atoms to the entire universe with all stars that is much bigger that our sun. This God Spirit has three Souls, that are three persons. One of the Souls is the Word. This Soul, or person became a man. How did he became a man? He told God the Most high, which is also a Soul person in the omnipotent Spirit body of God. So, God the Most High and the next Soul person God the Holy Ghost, joined together have created a body in the womb of a virgin called Mary. Now, please notice this: The Soul person of God the Word came out of the Omnipotent Spirit body of God, that is, he ceased to be God, and entered in the baby body in the womb of Virgin Mary. So, now he became a man, or rather a baby in the womb.

God became a man and that man was Jesus of Nazareth. The bible says that 'God the Word' was made flesh, to indicate that he was merely a man, but he was approved of God. Theologians say that he was God and man at the same time, and they have their own reasons and intentions. We will study it and many more such things in this section. We will see a genuine man, who was fully obeying God the Father, using the power of God as a man should. The power and the presence of God was always with him.

As a man, he showed us the way to live, then at the end, he died on the cross for the sins of the whole world. Then, God the Father raised him from the dead, his Soul person was raised to heaven, and there he was made Lord and Christ. He entered the Omnipotent Spirit body of God and was seated on the right hand of the Soul of God the Father. God the Father and God the Holy Ghost anointed him as God. So, as God the Word became a man in the flesh body, now he is made God in the Omnipotent Spirit body. Now he is God Almighty in the Spirit. But theologians and most preachers are confused for a reason, and honored or venerated the man Jesus as God, and worship him, in the same way as Hindus and many other religions are worshipping their gods. So, we also have made a god in the man Jesus; and the bible calls him as another Jesus. So, most Christians worship another Jesus as God and they do not know it. We will see the details in many lessons.

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1 Who is Jesus; how to believe in him? 2 Day of birth, death, resurrection of Jesus
3 Who is the Lord Jesus Christ to Us? 4 Woman, Man-Child, in Revelation 12th.
5 Creator, Way, Truth, Life, & Judge. 6 Jesus Commands to take Water Baptism
7 Ministry of Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost 8 Jesus Nailed old Ceremonies, made New.
9 Jesus Christ & Church, Begin to End. 10 What purpose that Jesus Christ died?
11 Jesus shed blood; finished on Cross 12 God begot Jesus as Son, beget Us too
13 Jesus took Seven steps, God to God. 14 Word God, man Jesus, & Jesus Christ
15 Lord Jesus Christ, and His Salvation 16 Bible refers Jesus Christ as God 40 times.
17 Jesus of Church & True Man Jesus. 18 Bible Jesus Christ/Church Jesus Christ
19 Obey Jesus and inherit His Kingdom. 20 Can we become Sons of God as Christ?

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