God is Omnipotent Creator, Spirits of God, Satan, Demons, Heavens, and Hell.

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God is the only omnipotent Spirit. He is the scientific Creator of the entire universe with its powers, with all its living beings, visible and invisible, including atoms; all from nothing. He made wisdom, powers, principalities, spirit beings, hell, heaven, administration, governments, and all such materialistic non-realities. God loves, hates, protects, kills, creates, destroys, forgives and takes vengeance. And God is the most righteous holy Person.

God is also omnipresent and omniscient Spirit. This Spirit is his body. God is the perfect, ideal, holy, righteous person. A person is a soul. God has distinctly three separate persons in himself. So, God is Soul persons and Spirit. Souls has character attributes and Spirit has power and strength attributes. The names of the three persons in God are: In the Old Testament they are: 'Most High God', 'the Word', and 'Spirit of God'. In the New Testament, they are: 'God the Father', 'God the Son' and 'Holy Ghost'.

God is in the Omnipotent Spirit, who is God. Holy Ghost is God. God has created spirits. God has created angels and three archangels that are spirits. God has created the holy spirit and given to man as a gift. God has cursed many angels into the devil and demons.

Preachers preach what people like to hear. When they say that we are saved, we think that we are saved from hell. Christians think that devil and God the Father, both teams up and cast people in hell and punish them. And Jesus Christ is saving people from the devil and from God the Father. Christians are ignorant of the fact that Jesus Christ is the one who cast people in hell and punishes them, as the righteous Judge. Neither Satan nor any kind of deception can overturn his righteous judgments. Look into the lessons to know the truth. You may like them.

We will study about heavens, hell, and the lake of fire also. Let us study them in the following topics. Thank you. God bless you.

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1 Omnipotent Spirit & Creator, 3 in 1. 2 Who & what are three Spirits of God?
3 God the Creator is Spirit, and Souls. 4 God created our soul as his own Soul
5 God is three in one omnipotent Spirit. 6 What is born of the Spirits & baptism?
7 Body live by Blood & Soul by Spirit. 8 Baptize, Fill & Abide, by Holy Ghost.
9 Holy Ghost is God; holy spirit is gift. 10 How the Spirit Realm become Real?
11 Creator of all that are existing, is God 12 Holy spirit, spirit of man, light of life.
13 Hell torments; Saints rest at Paradise. 14 Different levels in Heaven and in Hell
15 Child, Servant, Son, Bride & Heaven. 16 New Heavens, New Jerusalem; Bride.
17 Spirit Body at New Earth & Heaven 18 Sion, New Jerusalem, Heaven, Earth.

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