Parables and Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Parables are usually told as short stories to explain or to illustrate a principle or a situation. It is to highlight one point and the rest of them are fillers. So, we cannot study them word by word, or sentence by sentence, but take only the main concept.  They are not documentary or reports of facts. Jesus Christ told many Parables. Since it is an explanation or an example, but not a definite statement, listeners or teachers can give their own interpretations, and so, there may be a few different teachings. However, most preachers and teachers will hold on to their church teaching and so, there may be uniformity. Since I do not just follow any church teaching, you may find it different. You may like them. Thank you. God bless you.

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1 Sower sow, we receive seed, in our soil. 2 The Foolish asked the Wise to give Oil.
3 Do not mix Old & New, desire the New. 4 Shine your light and show good works.
5 Wise man built on rock; foolish on sand. 6 Forgives two debtors; who loves most?
7 Rich blessed loves to be merry is a Fool. 8 Lord comes to serve, or as thief to beat.
9 Wait one more year, & then cut it down. 10 Prodigal Son and the Elder Son of God.
11 Receive Spirit, be perfect, be a treasure. 12 Lost Sheep follow another Jesus Christ!
13 Likewise Samaritan, or the broken man? 14 Few more points from Good Samaritan.
15 Are we sheep of a shepherd or hirelings? 16 Word & spirit is supper, Garment is life.
17 Woman, Man-Child, in Revelation 12th. 18 Beasts, Elders, 144000, in Mount Zion.
19 Righteous is Fine Linen, Clean & White. 20 Last Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India

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