Lord Jesus Christ, His Truth, and His Teachings.

Preachers preach what people like to hear. They say that grace is unmerited favor from God, but it is not the grace of God, and it is false grace. Here we will study what the bible says about law, truth, faith, works, saved, the dispensation of grace, the period of no law, the time of law, etc. When we say that we are saved, we mean that we are saved from hell. Christians are ignorant of the fact that Jesus Christ is the one who cast people in hell and punishes them. They think that devil and God the Father, both teams up and cast people in hell and punish them. They think that Jesus Christ is saving people from the devil and from God the Father. Look into the lesson to know the truth. You may like them. Thank you. God bless you.

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1 Who is Jesus; how to believe in him? 2 Day of birth, death, resurrection of Jesus
3 What is Salvation of Lord Jesus Christ 4 Repent is to apply Change of your Mind.
5 What is the true grace and false grace? 6 Gospel & Grace of Lord Jesus Christ.
7 Jesus Commands to take Water Baptism 8 Jesus Christ says we Must be Born Again.
9 The flesh is flesh, and the Spirit is spirit. 10 Spiritual is by Spirit, Religious by Us.
11 Follow Jesus' Life to live with Christ. 12 Jesus tells to pick our Cross & follow him
13 Jesus tells to do the Will of the Father 14 Come out of darkness to live in the Light
15 Obey Him; then we inherit His Kingdom. 16 Christians praise Jesus, they do not obey.
17 Jesus divides World in Two, One to hell. 18 Are you Saved in Name of Jesus Christ?
19 Last message of the Lord Jesus Christ 20 Jesus Took Away Old; Establish New.
21 Are we washed by the blood of Jesus? 22 Jesus Christ Cleans and Forgives Sins.
23 Righteous is Fine Linen, Clean & White. 24 Inherit Kingdom, joint heir with Christ
25 God's Kingdom is; we rule with Christ 26 Christ requires Bride to be Sinless Perfect

I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India

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