True Meaning of Words and Phrases Explained: Articles.


"Mark 16:15 preach the gospel to every creature. Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe (do) all things whatsoever I (Jesus Christ) have commanded: Revelation 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega .. 14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, .. they .. have right to the tree of life, and .. enter .. the city."


I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India.

True Meaning of the Words and Phrases of the Bible

Satan went to the Garden of Eden and explained the word of God to Eve, which caused Adam and Eve to commit sin. Satan twisted the word of God to Eve. Since then, the servants of the devil continue to pervert the meaning of the words of scripture, and Christians keep committing sin. Here are the correct meanings of a few words of the Bible, for you to know the truth.

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1 Commandments Communion Confess Eternal life
2 Faith (True) ========= Foot Washing Forgives Once
3 God Creator Glorified body Heaven High Priest
4 Holiness Hope Laws of God Lord's Supper
5 Millennium New Earth New Heaven New Jerusalem
6 Obey the Lord Perfection Rapture Regeneration
7 Remission Sins Repentance Rewards Righteous (Just)
8 Second Coming Sinner Saved

Sin or Kingdom

Soul Person


Strait gate


Word of God Works 2 kinds


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1 God Saves by Our Deeds 2 Saved to walk Righteous 3 Can Born Again Negated?
4 ============== 5 God keeps salvation free? 6 =================
7 Is Salvation by His Name 8 What & whom to believe? 9 Common salvation, grace
10 Word of God is Inspired 11 Deceived, or on Purpose? 12 Speak with tongues is gift
13 What is Sin who is Sinner 14 Is sin our nature in life? 15 We Were Sinners not now
16 All Sinned and lost Glory 17 Is Sabbath day; Saturday? 18 If we are in Light, no sin.
19 Churches lost, God won. 20 His Stripes healed what? 21 Legend Jesus is Another.
22 Jesus save Non-Christians 23 Suffer & Rule with Christ 24 Saved by Confessing Jesus
25 Salvation in Other Name? 26 Praise Jesus but don't obey 27 Past, Present, Future Sins?
28 Holy Spirit, of Man, Light. 29 Adam & Eve, ate & naked 30 Preaching Jesus in Baptism

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