Are We same as God? If not, can We become Sons of God as Jesus Christ?

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Are We same as God? If not, can We become Sons of God as Jesus Christ?


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1. Do we live like Jesus? No! Then, is it possible to live like Him?

These are simple questions. But our eternity depends on it. God created our person, the soul, in the same image as his soul. But we do not live like Jesus. Yet, it is possible to live like him. If we do, we will become Sons of God, and we will inherit the kingdom of God in heaven. Then, why don't we live like Jesus? Because our souls do not have the life, which is the spirit. So, Jesus Christ tells us to be born again in the spirit, and to live in the spirit. Then, we will live like Jesus and will become Sons of God. Sons of God will inherit the kingdom of God, as join-heirs with Jesus Christ. If you like to study about born again of the spirit, and inheritance in heaven, please study them from these links: "Video & Transcript."  

2. God has created our spirit, soul, and body; joined them as one.

In Genesis 1:3, God has created our spirit as light. In 27, God created souls of both man and woman in "his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." So, our souls are the same as the souls of God. God created our body from dust as in Genesis 2:7, gave it to the soul, and the soul became a man. Then God breathed the spirit into the man, and then man became a living soul. The spirit is life to the soul, as the blood is life to the flesh body. Adam sinned; lost the spirit; and he became a dead soul. Because of that, we are born without spirit as dead souls. So, we must be born again to have life. If you like to study the details, please study these links: Our Soul is exact as the Soul of God. "Video & Transcript."

3. Why did God create our Soul as His, but gives us body of dust?

God made our souls as his souls since he wants us to become his children and for us to inherit his kingdom. But why did God put our souls in a body made by dust, whereas God's body is omnipotent Spirit that has power to create thousands of stars in the sky? Because first God wants to try our souls in a temporary disposable body. But this flesh means everything to us. We live by it, enjoy life by it, every pleasure is in the body of flesh, and we live for our flesh. We enjoy the world, fun, friendship, fellowship, relationship, all are with our flesh body. When our body dies, everything will be gone. But, we do not want to die and we want to enjoy everything now. But we may enjoy the pleasures of life for 100 years, and we all will die. But our souls will not die, and it will continue to live for thousands of years. What kind of pleasures our souls will have in eternity? We will either rejoice with God, or suffer the wrath of God, through eternity. If we live for the pleasures of the world, we will suffer the wrath of God. Jesus Christ tells us to obey his commands to enjoy the inheritance in heaven. But the devil tells us that we can enjoy both the pleasure in the world as well as joy in heaven if we worship the God in our churches. What will you do? The choice is yours. Either obey God or obey preachers. I wish, you obey the Lord Jesus Christ. If you like to study the details, please look at these links: Soul lives by Spirit: "Video & Transcript." Bible Jesus and Jesus of the churches: "Video & Transcript."

4. Our Spirit is like candlelight; how will it become the Glory of the Sun?

How could we become his children, and to become like him? Please listen; this is the plan of God. God created our spirit as light with the likeness of his spirit, as in Genesis 1:26. This spirit is like a candle as in Matthew 5:14-15. We must be born of the spirit, that is to receive this spirit. This spirit will become our eternal body as in 2 Corinthians 5:1-5, and our dust body will return to dust. If our spirit grow to the level of the sons of God, by works of righteousness; our spirit body will be glorified to be the same as the spirit body of Jesus Christ, and we will become the same as Jesus Christ in glory, as in 1 John 3:1-2. And we will inherit the kingdom of God as joint heirs with Jesus Christ as in Romans 8:17. If you like to study details, please follow the links: 1. Our Soul is same as Him: "Video & Transcript." 2. All about Holy Spirit: "Video & Transcript."

5. God plans to beget Children from us. How do we realize it in our life?

We must be born again and receive the Spirit, for our souls to live. If we repent for our sins and ask God as a child ask its father, God will give the holy spirit to us. Details of how to receive holy spirit from God, is in this link: "Video & Transcript."

Then, if we mortify the deeds of the flesh as in Romans 8:13, we will not live for the body anymore. Then our soul will live in the holy spirit as in 2 Corinthians 5:1&4. "1 Corinthians 15:50 says, ... flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Ecclesiastes 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it." So, before the coming of Jesus Christ for the rapture, our bodies will be dust on earth, and our spirit will be with God. Our spirit has grown to the level of Sons of God, and so our spirit will be glorified and be in the same glory as Jesus Christ. We will be joint heirs in the kingdom of God, as Sons of God, and we will be with God in heaven for eternity to come. For details, the Holy Spirit will be our glorified body in heaven, please find it on the link: "Video & Transcript." Four Status in heaven: "Video & Transcript". Four places in heaven: "Video & Transcript."

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