Reach Paradise escaping hell is easy; Climb up in heaven is rewarding.

I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India

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What is it about?

Heaven or hell are the destinies of people after this life on earth. Christians think that they know all about them, but they do not know the details. I have made a few videos with transcripts, explaining the details; most importantly I give the road map to get there. I think; this information will be of help to a believer in spiritual life. So, in this video or transcript, I will give the synopsis about heaven and hell; how easily you can get to heaven; and how you can strive for glory upon glory in heaven. I hope, this synopsis will encourage you to open the other links also and know the truth in detail according to scripture.

The words like salvation and forgiveness

A few words are important in Christian vocabulary. Let me take just two words; Saved and forgiven. What is saved? For an example, saved from sickness, from an accident, from being caught by police, or such; we are saved. Can we go to heaven since we are saved? No. We may be forgiven for a robbery, a crime, a fraud, and such things. Can we go to heaven, since we are forgiven? No. Even Jesus has forgiven sins to people to save them from sickness, from danger in their life, etc. Since Jesus forgave them, will they go to heaven? No. The one forgiveness of Jesus Christ, by washing sinners by his blood, that cleanses all unrighteousness and make them perfect; and that is the only forgiveness that will take people to heaven and give them inheritance in his kingdom. Thousands of sermons are preached, about going to heaven. But those who preached these thousands of sermons will not go to heaven. Then, how can they take others to heaven? But, to go to heaven is easy.

It is so easy to go to heaven. Why cheat?

Colossians 3:22-25, says, if you are a worker, doing your job sincerely and honestly as you are working for God, you will go to heaven. Nothing else is required of you. Matthew 25:31-46 says that if you are compassionate to poor godly people and help them in simple things in their life, you will go to heaven. Are these impossible for us do? No. These are simple things that anybody can do. So, it is very easy for anybody to go to heaven in the proper way. But preachers do not preach these simple ways, but they try to trick God and people, by twisting the bible, and thereby going to hell and take people with them.

If you venture; you receive high Reward.

Revelation 22:12-15 says, that the status in heaven is according to the work you do to obey his commandments. If you reject them, you will be thrown in hell. If you obey them, you can go to paradise, be a priest to God, be his Son, and even be in the status of his bride, which means that you can be with him. So, opportunities vary from being thrown in hell, and to be with God himself. They are your choice. The higher you want to go; the harder it gets. If you are adventurous; try the top. For example: "Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. 27 And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple. 2 Timothy 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:" The calling of a disciple is not easy. But, in eternity his disciples will be always with him, and be like him. If we suffer with him, we will rule with him. But you do not have to be a disciple to go to heaven. Even low energy people can go to heaven. But, if we deny him, we will be thrown into hell. So, it is up to us. New Jerusalem, New heaven, His temple, Paradise, or the next is hell; and anyone of these is our choice. We have free will. Please don't choose hell. Paradise is easier to go, than to go to hell.

To reach heaven is easier than going to hell.

1 John 5:3 says, "his commandments are not grievous." It is not difficult to obey his commandments in level one, and get to paradise, which is also heaven. What all we have to do is, not to hurt our neighbor. It is explained in Romans 13:8-10. But, go to heaven in the highest level, as New Jerusalem, is very difficult, even though it is possible. But our preachers show you scriptures for New Jerusalem and tell you that it is impossible to go to heaven by obeying God. Heaven is not new Jerusalem only; paradise is also heaven. To get to paradise, is easier than going to hell. We must be unjust and hurt others to go to hell. We do not even have to do that to go to paradise. But our preachers tell lies, twist scriptures, teach deception with fake grace and such things, and take you to hell with them. They work very hard to go to hell. If they didn't work this hard, probably they could go to paradise. But they work overtime to preach deception. It is very sad.

Count the cost, choose the level, and go for it. 

Heaven consist of new earth, which is paradise; God's temple is on the new earth, where his priests and rulers are; new heaven, where the sons of God having the glory of Jesus Christ; and new Jerusalem, which is the bride of Jesus Christ, who will be with him always, sharing all things in his kingdom. These are the status of people in heaven. Jesus Christ says in Luke 14:28-32, that if a king cannot win a war with the soldiers he has, he will go to the lower level to compromise, and negotiate in a lower level to settle in peace. It is foolish to fight for a higher status that is beyond your capability and be destroyed. Jesus tells this, to adjust the strategy and go to compromise rather than to fight and die. Count the cost and find the level that you can afford and willing; and try to pursue that status. It could be any one of the four categories. Now, go for it with your full strength. God will help you in that level, and you will achieve it without frustrations. After you have achieved it, you can try for a notch higher, without losing the ground that you have already achieved. This is the strategy that Jesus Christ is teaching. God will not lower his standard. But you can pick up the level you can afford and do it with your full heart and strength. Don't feel guilty if you could not do the top level; it is not sin. God will prosper your work, by giving you his grace and power, according to what your need. All these are explained in detail on these videos in the next lessons.

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What is the true gospel and what are false gospels?

Matthew 28:20, & Mark 16:15. Jesus Christ preached his commandments to obey, as his Gospel; it is the true Gospel to inherit Eternal life. Genesis 3:1-4 & 2 Corinth 11:2-4. But Preachers, who are Serpents of Satan, preach the life of man Jesus just to believe, but not to live as a chaste virgin, as the gospel; it is another gospel, which cannot and will not give Eternal life.

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The true gospel will convert evil people to do good and thereby they will inherit the kingdom in heaven. John 3:19-21 say that people are two kinds, evil and true. Evil doers will not come to the Light, who is God; but people of truth come to God for their deeds to be made manifest. We have good and evil people by our standard of our society or culture. These evil people may be converted to be doers of truth by the power of God, and they may inherit the kingdom of God in heaven.

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