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Praise the Lord, Alleluia. Our topic is: declaration of faith. But today, we will have just a preview. All our denominations have "declaration of faith". What is this declaration? It is a list of our primary doctrines. It is created by our theologians and leaders. They use bible verses here and there, to give an appearance that it is from the word of God. But, really it is not. Yet, we respect our declarations as Godís word.

I thought that it may be profitable to some of us, if I write the declarations of faith, directly from the bible, so that we may use them for ourselves. Today, I will give a preview of the declaration and I will explain them one by one in a few days.

Our first point in the declaration is to tell our faith about the Bible. The Bible is inerrant and infallible. Inerrant is free from error. Infallible is incapable of making an error. The Bible, which is the word of God, not only does not have any error, but it cannot lead anyone to make an error. I have added a caution about the English translations and their motives.

Our next point #2 is about trinity. Trinity says; that God is three, but he is one. God is one Spirit, and he is the only Spirit, who is omnipotent. And, he has three persons in him, that is, he has three souls in his Spirit. If we look God as a Spirit, he is one; but, if we look God as a person, he is three. So, God is three in one.

Our next point, #3: God has created us in his own image, that is, he has created us exactly as he is. The Bible also says; we are created in the likeness of him, that is, we have his resemblance. So, it is two different things. What do we have that is exactly like him and what do we have that has only his resemblance? We will discuss that.

Point #4: Adam and Eve died on the same day when they ate fruit from the tree of knowledge. But, Adam lived for 930 years and Eve also lived with him. So, how could they die on the same day when they ate the fruit, and at the same time lived for 930 years? This is how. They had body, soul, and spirit. Their Spirit died on the same day and their souls lived with their bodies for 930 years. It was the spiritual death.

Point #5: It is very important. The Holy Ghost is a Spirit. The Holy Spirit also is a Spirit. We all say that the Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit and they both are the same spirit with different names. But, it is not so. The bible says that the Holy Ghost is God, and the Holy Spirit is a gift given to us by God. Look at this example: The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven, and so if we blaspheme the Holy Ghost, we will be in hell for ever. And one more thing. If the Holy Ghost lives or abides in us, we will become the temple of God. As his temple, if we defile ourselves with sin, God will destroy us, and we will be damned. So, we must be very careful with the Holy Ghost as 10,000 volts of electricity. If we are not careful, we will be killed eternally. But, God gives the Holy Spirit to us as a gift, the spirit will help us, we can grieve, and even quench the spirit, which is equivalent to killing the spirit. One Spirit can destroy us eternally, but we can destroy the other spirit. How can both Spirits be the same? The Holy Ghost is God, and the Holy Spirit is a gift.

Next one #6: It is about Sabbath day. A few Christian leaders say that Sabbath day is Sunday. It is not true. Common Sabbath day is Saturday, the seventh day of the week. But there are special Sabbath days in the Bible, but that is not in question here. Again, Christians think that Sabbath day is a worship day. No, we can worship God in any day, at any time. There is no restriction for worship. Sabbath day is a mandatory rest day. God imposed Sabbath only on the Jews and their household including their servants. Among them, those who do not keep the Sabbath must be stoned to death. This is how to keep the Sabbath day holy. Seventh day Adventists say that we must keep the Sabbath holy. They donít even keep the Sabbath, which is complete rest. How could they stone their own, if they do not keep the Sabbath rest? Nobody keeps the Sabbath day. And, one more thing that they will not tell you is that Jesus Christ has revoked the Sabbath day commandment. Instead, he gives eternal rest to those who labor and are heavy laden, that is in Matthew 11:28, and Hebrews chapter 4. Sabbath is not given to New Testament Christians. We must come to Jesus and receive the rest that he gives. So, the take away is: Sabbath day is Saturday and to keep it holy is to take total rest, including that whoever break the Sabbath-rest must be stoned to death. Not even the Seventh day Adventist will keep the Sabbath. However, Jesus Christ, being the Lord of the Sabbath, has revoked the Sabbath law, and tells us to enter the rest that he gives to his people. This is the preview.

In the future sessions, we will study the declaration about the virgin birth of Jesus, water baptism for forgiveness of sins, what is the true evidence of Holy Ghost baptism, born of the spirit and eternal life, when will be the second coming of Jesus Christ (bible says when he will come, we will study that) who will receive the grace of God, Christianity as our life and as a religion, and a few other points. I will explain every one of them, with scripture.

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